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Wear South African (WearSA) is a movement driven through the collective vision of a local network of honest, passionate South African fashion industry activists striving to make a difference through design, manufacturing and retail in the Clothing & Textile Industry. The key stakeholder is the Southern African Clothing & Textiles Workers Union (SACTWU). Our purpose is to grow and sustain the local manufacturing sector by creating a sustainable design model that supports ethical sourcing. We aim to empower local creative talent that have the vision and commitment to develop authentic South African fashion brands as a real competitive alternative to our international counterparts. The business priority has never been focused on bottom line profits, however WearSA’s commercial success story is merely the by-product of a strong commitment to achieving our purpose. 

WearSA celebrates the visionaries, the movers and shakers; the industry stalwarts, the hard workers and toilers, the pattern-makers, the supervisors, the machinist, the delivery truck drivers, the designers, the textile weavers, the shop assistants, and the customers. We are you, and our simple mission is to unite and empower all the people who aspire to design a better South Africa.